Dominic Scott

Debbie Dietmeyer

Debbie Dietmeyer is a visionary with the ability to make her dreams come to life. Her bubbly personality coupled with her determination and follow-through lends to her magic. Debbie wears many hats— she is a trained artist, former public-school teacher, and top-selling REALTOR, but hospitality and creating beautiful spaces is at her core. She envisioned and designed The Glorious Fig through each iteration of the renovation with this dream in mind—to teach and gather. For as long as her friends and family members can remember, she has wanted an intimate place where she could teach cooking classes to kids and adults alike and gather with friends and family outside of her home.

The Glorious Fig is a tribute to the heart of home and the intimacy and sense of belonging it brings through gathering.


Dominic Scott

Stephanie Reece

Stephanie Reece loves the beauty of food, but she especially savors the moments when it tastes so good all you can do is laugh with your mouth full.

When Stephanie was seventeen, she was thrown into a job cooking chipped beef and toast at a retirement home quickly followed by several years cooking at a summer camp. It wasn’t until she moved to Houston and met a gentlemen instrumental in rebuilding Berlin’s restaurants and hotels after the wall came down, she began to truly understand why anyone would pour their entire being into creating an experience around food.

At that moment, her journey began as a self-taught cook. First at Gateway Canyons Resort, then at Il Bistro Italiano, and in recent years, she owned and worked as a Personal Chef at TheFullTable. Stephanie believes good food can be both beautiful and simple.

Along with being Head Chef, Stephanie also manages social media for the Glorious Fig.

Dominic Scott

Celeste Detwiler

Over the years, Celeste Ditwiler found herself drawn to hospitality centered around the laughter and joy found around the dinner table. More often than not, she was by our head chef’s side assisting with personal catering events and adding her contagious laughter to each celebration.

Celeste’s love of creativity in food preparation compelled her to pursue and earn a Culinary Arts Degree. Before becoming a chef for The Glorious Fig, she worked as a chef’s assistant at Western Colorado Community College’s campus restaurant Chez Lena.

Dominic Scott

Catey Hoffer

Catey Hoffer was born and raised in Billings, Montana, and has been bartending and crafting cocktails for 15 years. Like so many, she was first introduced and trained in bartending while living in Missoula, Montana during her college years. Since then, she has crafted cocktails for large corporate gatherings, private companies, and boutique events. Catey benefits from the flexible schedule it offers her—she is also a REALTOR® and has two young boys who require much of her love and attention during the day. She truly enjoys the hospitality industry and the relationships that come naturally in this line of work. Her favorite cocktail is a dirty martini, but her tastes are always changing depending on the season and delicious drinks she’s asked to create for The Glorious Fig’s curated dinners and private parties.

When she needs to relax and unwind, you’ll find her gardening, spending quality time with her family and friends, or enjoying the great outdoors.