The Glorious Fig is made up of three individual, classic spaces, which can be enjoyed and reserved separately or booked in their entirety based upon your guest count, event needs, and vision.

The back homestead, affectionately nicknamed The Fig, offers 1260 square feet of boutique entertaining space. Boasting of a dining room seated immediately off a state-of-the-art, yet beautiful show kitchen, it is the perfect space to host an intimate event, enjoy a private curated dinner, or take a cooking class.

The cocktail and coffee bar greet guests as they enter. Meticulously designed and effortlessly executed, every detail is thought of in The Fig’s gorgeous entry. It’s the ideal room to enjoy a classic drink before dinner or a cup of espresso at the end of your meal.

The Gathering Hall, which serves as the venue’s dance floor or banquet dining room, pays tribute to its turn-of-the-century architecture with 12-foot tall ceilings, oak flooring, original brick walls, and tin ceiling tiles. It incorporates modern elements as well, including 6 modern chandeliers on dimmers. To our guests, it appears classic and welcoming, but The Gathering Hall is the workhorse of The Glorious Fig. It discreetly houses a 210 square foot private, working kitchen with food prep space, a separate dish room with triple sinks, and a commercial dishwasher specifically made with our chef’s and bartenders’ needs in mind. It also houses two ADA compliant bathrooms and a wine cellar.

The Gathering Hall and The Fig’s entertaining spaces are connected by the 960 square feet patio covered in a shade pergola—which includes “misters” for hot summer days and features stained glass etched with the venue’s name. The patio is the essential spot to mix and mingle with a chilled beer or a specialty craft cocktail in-hand enjoying small bites. During Colorado’s colder months, heaters and cozy blankets are close by and coupled with warm drinks—inviting guests to linger and connect.

From The Gathering Hall through the patio to the original, boutique event space, The Glorious Fig offers an all-inclusive experience for its guests to eat, drink, and be glorious.